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360 Employee Feedback Survey
By MY360survey.com


Welcome to the 360 employee feedback survey by MY360survey.com, a web based software system that was designed by the Human Resource Professionals for the Human Resource Professionals to measure and evaluate employee performance, customer satisfaction or leadership improvement via the web and email. This 360 FEED BACK website provides the power for you to conduct custom surveys on the Internet. You can measure human performance against selected competencies and skills or create your own. This 360 employee feedback survey software system is designed so that you can add as many respondent groups as you choose, Staff, Peers, Managers, Professionals, Self, Customers, etc. to provide feedback on performance or satisfaction. Our online survey software will automatically sends email notifications and tracks responses to save you and the person taking the survey time and effort.

Don’t wait. Supercharge your employee feedback survey process with 360plusfeedback.com.


Ease of Use, Practical and Affordable define the core of MY360survey.com



  • Create 360 employee feedback’s participant
  • Create 360 employee feedback’s category
  • Create 360 employee feedback’s skill
  • Generate 360 employee feedback’s report
  • Send 360 employee feedback’s survey via email
  • Check 360 employee feed back’s survey status
  • Evaluate 360 employee feedback’s result
  • Analyze 360 employee feedback’s skill gap analysis
  • Generate 360 employee feedback’s training needs analysis, training and motivation report.
  • And much, much more ...


Take the headache out of what questions to ask and what information do you really need to know. Whether you are doing the online employees survey in-house or outsourcing it to a vendor, MY360survey.com provides them with proven questions and guides to meet your target requirements and competencies. Our web based survey software also allows you to customize all the questions and survey to meet your specific needs


Features and Benefits:

  • Better insight
  • Provide competitive advantage.
  • Keep them and grow them.
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Additional Features & Benefits:
  • Private branding is also available
  • System customization to meet your company's specific needs
  • Free training video & online technical support
  • No hidden charges or pay per click
  • No long term contract required


360 Employee Feedback Survey By MY360survey.com Reports

OUR system doesn't stop at the point of evaluation; you can also CUSTOMIZE your own improvement reports. AND, create links to low ranking skills so that participants receive a personalized set of reports to help them improve:

  • Validation Report - Analyzing survey's validity
  • Survey Analysis - Comparing result/score among survey history
  • Company Gap Analysis - Individual's rating compared to everyone else in the company.
  • Summary Report - Individual's feedback report detailing average rating per skill to show strengths, targets achieved and areas of need.
  • Development Report - Individual's recommendations for improvement.
  • And much, much, more


For more information about 360 Employee Feedback Survey By MY360survey.com, contact us today! If you need help, our trained staff would be happy to customize surveys, skills and development actions based on your specifications. info@quantum360services.com or phone us at 616.241.3122


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