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Q. What is 360 feedback?

360 feedback is a process of evaluation of others based on the theory of Dr. Roger Sperry, 1981, Nobel Prize, his work on the "Right Brain/Left Brain" and behavior scientist such as Keith Beasley 1985, IQ / EQ, on intelligent IQ and emotional IQ. As the name indicated, it's the process of evaluating others and having others evaluate you 360 degree. It's the most often used tool to measure and evaluate:


  • Analytical ability
  • Communication ability
  • Creativity ability
  • Organizational values and cultures
  • Leadership ability
  • Collaboration ability
  • Planning ability
  • Controlling ability
  • Dependability


Q. Who should use 360 feedback?

Any business or organization that can increase profitability through:

Increase feedback from customers, vendors, team members, employees, etc.

Improved employee performance.

Greater efficiency.

Clear performance tracking

Cost reduction by increasing productivity

Q. What if some people don't have Internet or E-mail access?
You can provide a computer station where the individual can sign on and take the survey or you can print the survey out and have the Respondent take the survey in hard copy format. Your company administrator would then enter the score manually into the system.
Q. How soon will the report(s) be available?
Instantly! As soon as the Respondent submits the survey, your company administrator can generate a report.
Q. What is the role of a Participant in 360 feedback?
The participant is the person (or department, team or company) who is being evaluated; the subject receiving feedback. Typically, participants
1. Identify the Respondents (those who they would like to receive feedback from)
2. Select the assigned Survey and 3. Send the Survey to Respondents. Company Administrators can expand or restrict the Participant’s role to meet specific company needs.
Q. What is the role of a User Administrator in 360 feedback?
The User Admin is the person who will manage the survey system for your company. As the User Admin, your main roles are:
1. Create skills for the survey. Skills are those items to be measured. Each skill consists of actions. Actions are statements that Respondents will rate on a 1 to 5 scale. There can be as many actions per skill as you like, however there must be at least one.
2. Create Surveys by choosing which skills will be included and determining an expiration date.
3. Choose participants (who will receive feedback) and send the survey.
4. Oversee the survey process and generate reports.
Q. What is the role of a Respondent in 360 feedback?
Respondent is defined as someone who rates or offers feedback to the Participant. Your role as a Respondent is simply to take the survey honestly and thoughtfully.
Q. Can I rate myself? How will it be calculated?
Yes! The system is designed so you can enter a self-evaluation. The score or result of the survey can be included or excluded from the overall survey's score by choosing the report options available in the system.
Q. What are the benefits of 360 feedback?
360 offers a fast, effective and affordable way to get feedback on nearly any aspect of your business. Our system is web based allowing instant access to anyone who has internet capability. Offering feedback is as simple as clicking the appropriate rating. Reports are available within seconds of feedback completion. Our system is customizable, allowing you to create surveys for performance development, customer satisfaction, training needs, corporate culture and nearly anything else for which you need quick and easy feedback. There are no per click, per person or per report costs saving you money. If that’s not enough, our staff can customize the system to meet specific company needs. It’s fast, effective and affordable and just what you need to get feedback.
Q. How often should I roll out or use 360 feedback?
This is entirely up to you or your company's internal performance evaluation policy. Our system has no limit as to how many times you can use it with some exception. Please check with us for more information regarding to this issue.
Q. Is your 360 feedback system customizable?
Yes! Our system was designed to be easy, effective and affordable. This means we’ve kept it "lean and mean". We left out all the bells and whistles that can be confusing to participants and respondents and rarely used by administrators. If there’s a bell or whistle you wish we had, we can add it in for you. Just call us at (616) 241-3122.
Q. Do we offer private labeling or branding?
Yes, we do. Contact us for more information: info@quantum360services.com
Q. What about the issue of confidentiality?
The backbone of any survey system, especially such as 360 feedback, is the issue of confidentiality. Our system is designed so that no one and we mean no one can know who gave what answer otherwise it destroys the purpose of true feedback. All the information entered in our 360 feedback system is safely stored on our server. No one, not even the user administrator has access to the data. While Participants can monitor who has or has not completed the survey, they only receive feedback through reports generated at the admin level.
Q. Should 360 feedback's results be linked to performance appraisal?
Yes and No. Your organization's goals and objectives should define how you use the data. 360 feedback is best used as a training and development tool. We do not recommend tying 360 feedback to compensation, since people may be reluctant to give their honest opinion if they feel it’s going to hurt them or their co-workers, associates, etc. However, if the actions are written in a way that objectively measures and evaluates job performance, it may be linked to the performance appraisal. We would be happy to discuss specific uses of 360 feedback with you personally. Call (616) 241-3122.
Q. How can you verify the validity and reliability of your 360 system?
We have validity test data available or will run specific validity testing upon request.
Q. What is the Summary Report in 360 feedback?
The Summary Report is the most detailed report in 360 feedback. It summarizes the score of each skill and action, then averages the skill scores for an overall total survey score. The Summary Report also provides ‘Target” information. While building the report the user admin assigns an acceptable range or ‘target’ for each skill. The Summary Report in 360 feedback identifies which skills fell within the target range, which fell higher than target or are strengths and which fell below target and are listed as needs. If your score fell below the "Target" score set by the user admin, then the summary report will show the gap. The gap is then used to generate the Development Report.
Q. What is the Validity Report in 360 feedback?
The Validity Report confirms the survey's validity by reporting the percentage of people who received the survey vs. those who actually submitted the survey or those who chose to answer NA. The validity of a survey is tied to the number of submitted surveys or populations. For example, if you sent out a survey to 100 employees and only 10 employees responded to the survey, this survey has limited validity due to its population ratio. Another example of low validity would be if all 100 employees responded to the survey but 90 of them chose "NA" as an answer.
Q. What is the Company Gap Analysis report in 360 feedback?
Company Gap Analysis is used to compare a Participant's rated performance with the average score of all others in the company who have been given the same survey.
Q. What is the Employee Gap Analysis report in the 360 feedback?
Employee Gap Analysis compares ratings given to the participant by various groups. For example, how my direct reports rate me versus how my peers rate me versus how my supervisor may rate me. You can create as many groups as are necessary for your survey, however, we do recommend that you do not create groups of less than 5 people to ensure anonymity for respondents.
Q. What is the Survey Analysis report in 360 feedback?
The Survey Analysis Report compares your data from a specific survey given to one group and then comparing the same survey given to a different group of participants. For example, this year’s survey data* as compared to last year’s survey data* will provide your company with development feedback.
*Must use same survey to compare.
Q. What is the Development Guide in 360 feedback?
The Development Guide report uses any scores which fell below the target range to list opportunities and recommendations for improvement. Development recommendations are entered by the user admin when creating skills and actions.
Q. Why have a Target range?
The range of the Target avoids "insignificant difference" that may occur. For example, candidate A got a score of 2.99 and candidate B got a score of 3.00. Assuming the Target was set at 3.00, candidate A failed to meet the target while candidate B met the target. To prevent this "insignificant difference", we recommend target ranges be set within 1 point.
Q. What is the Target in 360 feedback?
Each skill has a "Target" or acceptable range entered by the user admin. It is the goal for each skill.
Q. What do I have to install on my computer?
Nothing! As long as you are able to access the web, (you have an Internet connection and a web browser) you are all set! You can choose to host the software on your own server. If you choose to host the software, a quick and easy installation can be done. We can also customize the system to fit your needs in many other ways, such as company branding and additional features. Please call us at (616) 241-3122 for more information.
Q. What are the technical requirements in term of hardware and software?
None! Unless you want the survey system to be installed on your own server. Contact us at (616) 241-3122 for more information if you prefer to host 360 feedback on your server.
Q. What is the step by step process in creating a survey?
Our process is very easy. Most people find 360 feedback intuitive, however, we offer a free training CD to walk you through the process or you can choose an online demonstration with one of our representatives. Call (616) 241-3122 for an appointment.
Q. How long will it take me to learn 360plus feedback?
Our system was built to be fast, effective and affordable. Most customers with basic computer knowledge are using the system within a couple of hours.
Q. How does 360plus feedback compare in price?
Customers tell us we are far below market price because we have no per person, per report or per click charges that add up to thousands in extra costs for other systems. For a low one time fee and an affordable monthly subscription, you have a system with unlimited uses. Please contact us at (616) 241-3122 for more information regarding pricing.


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